And the joys of the Megabus continue…

August 26, 2006 at 4:32 pm (Uncategorized)

A passenger gets on wrong Megabus at Victoria Coach Station as they hadn’t bothered to label it with where it was going “the Plymouth bus?”, he asked. What about it” the driver snaps back. Lovely.

At a service station we stop for ten minutes to stretch our legs and go to the toilet as the coach toilet is (again) out of order (has anyone been on a Megabus where the toilet HAS actually been in order?) and the driver snaps “you must be here by five past as we’re going”. Fair enough. At five past with everyone on board the driver (who had stayed on board for the entire break), walks out of the bus and across the cap park. “He must be going to the loo” we thought but he just carried on walking. About ten minutes later another driver appeared from out of nowhere and we were off. And it’s not just the drivers “are you the Megabus?” a passenger asks. Could you get a more branded vehicle?


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