“These are a few (well, ten actually- pedantic reader) of my favourite things”

My favourite things in no particular order (friends and family don’t count, as they are a given)

1) Football. Manchester United and Whitley Bay FC.

2) Music. Hip Hop and cheesy pop. Essential to life and the world keeping on turning.

3) Pirates. Who hasn’t got a thing for pirates? Oh ok just me then. I long for the day Take That take to the stage in pirate outfits. It would work.

4) Curries. Who doesn’t love a good one? You’re lying.

5) Beer. Nothing better. Peroni and Kronenbourg being the current faves. Nice.

6) New York City. A given.

7) Ghostbusters 1 & 2. The best films ever to come out of a downtown firehouse.

8) Lowry. Salford’s finest. Loving those stick men.

9) Grafitti. You can keep your tagging. Nuff props out to those making an effort.

10) Long, lazy weekends


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