Something kinda Boo hoo

December 21, 2006 at 11:24 pm (Uncategorized)

There is a programme on E4 that is a behind the scenes look at Girls Aloud. One episode showed them jetting off to Athens to do two corporate gigs, which had three days between them. Well, most of us would love the chance to have three days free in Athens but not these spoilt little girls. One flew home as she was so bored (!) the others seemingly did nothing else but lounge around complaining how bored them were. At an attempt to try and relieve the boredom (and stop the incessant racket of whining I suspect), their tour manager arrange an excursion to a road at the top of the city which gave lovely views all over the place. Anyone else would have loved it but not this gang of whiners “ooh it’s too far”, “my feet hurt” (well might help if you didn’t wear high heels? Just a thought). If they had been pushed off the cliff the city would have been cheering with joy.


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