A bit of fog and the nation goes crazy

December 21, 2006 at 11:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Planes don’t take off, it dominates the news and it’s all we hear about. Some people couldn’t even get their flights from UK airports to Heathrow. Well bloody good I say as these selfish people are clearly intent on damaging the environment with their short haul trips in which they could easily get a train for. All hail the fog I say. One woman was on our local news complaining that her plane was cancelled and she had to get a train, and then a tube. My goodness, the world is going to end…


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  1. Bryony said,

    I partially agree here. My aunt and uncle live in barbados and came back on Weds to this. After that kind of flight and finding that a large portion of what you paid wasn’t available, I’d be a bit knackered and pissed off… BUT, it did make me laugh the way my mum told on the phone me they’d been talking about how there were people everywhere who’d been there for ‘hours’. You can wait that long in a train station… Just cos it is a plane/airport instead that makes it harder apparently. They’ve made it here after getting the train up to Sheffield, but it isn’t something you want to have to deal with after a long haul flight from a different time zone.

    I have no doubt I’ll hear about it ALL DAY on Saturday tho. I’m so excited, Sarah – what a wonderful way to spend Christmas 😉 (oh and because they are having a big meal on Friday, they don’t think that 6 other people should be allowed to have a meal on Sat, because they’ll be too full still. My family is ace…).

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