The story of the missing pounds

October 27, 2006 at 8:18 pm (Uncategorized)

FansUnited’ are the infamous company in charge of photographing many concert events. You have probably seen them handing out their flyers that invite you to send a pound away and in return you will receive a brochure of all the photos available to buy from the concert and a sample photo. Well, no wonder everyone sends their pounds away with such an amazing offer in place…. And then… well… nothing. Several months later I am still waiting for my free photo, emails have gone unanswered and many hundreds of people are getting rather annoyed. And you don’t want to see me annoyed let me tell you! Then today, a standard email appears in my inbox saying the photos are going to send out soon with the line “And since I am receiving many, many coupons every day, it would be nice if I didn’t receive random e-mails, because I have to open and read all e-mails” yes, and not reply to them it seems…. What fantastic customer service! And if I don’t get my stuff soon my email bombardment shall continue. Ha. There’s no stopping me [evil cackle].


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