He’s behind you. Oh, hello.

October 27, 2006 at 8:21 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s approaching that time of year again that we all love, panto time! Oh no it isn’t [sorry]. The theatre near me has, disappointingly, decided to go back to the same cast as last year which means the return of Jill Halfpenny (that woman from Eastenders/Corrie/The dull dancing programme/Byker Groovvveee). Frankly, a dull choice. However, there is hope as none other than The Krankies are on down the road in Darlington . Well I know where I’m going this Christmas. They actually starred in one of my first ever panto with the lovely Dana (remember her?!). Sunderland have, meanwhile, gone for Scrooge staring Michael Barrymore which has caused outrage in the local media. I think I am washing my hair those nights. I can imagine it now, a moving scene… audience involved… and then Michael asks for the house lights to come on so he can do a brief speech about how bad off he is and how he wants everyone’s sympathy. Perhaps they could cast George Galloway as Tiny Dim (yes, that was a deliberate typo).


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