Pre ordering is the bain of my life

October 25, 2006 at 5:15 pm (Uncategorized)

I ordered the Take That Ultimate Tour DVD several weeks ago from and looked forward to receiving it on the day of release which was Monday. Well Monday came and I skipped at full pelt all the way home and… no DVD. Well there were tears. Tuesday comes… I cartwheel and do a few back flips home and… no DVD. More tears, but this time tears of anger. ‘Right, time for one of the legendary complaining emails’ I thought whilst clicking my knuckles and clenching my muscles. A gem of a complaint email was dispatched and several minutes later I received an email back saying my DVD had been posted. Hmmmm. An hour or so later I received an email from their Customer Service department saying they apologised but the item has been posted today, what a coincidence. And I wonder would the postage have been so fast if I had not sent that email out…

So in the meantime I have had the running commentary from happy Thatters enjoying the action while muggings here might have saved a few pound by ordering online, but have lost more than a few pounds of enjoyment as a result. I can feel the tears welling up again….


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