It’s all go (ing red). By the sound of it. Cheers Evening Chronicle.

October 17, 2006 at 9:44 pm (Uncategorized)


Well I thought I would come and update my blog as I am sick of you all pestering me to do it (ahem) and hasn’t it all been happening… For those living on another planet who haven’t already heard…..

I won a competition in the local paper to win an audience with Gary Barlow of Take That fame. Nice. Of course, at first I thought it was a wind up as I have not won anything since tickets to see East 17 at Whitley Bay Ice Rink many moons ago (admittedly I am not sure if that is a prize or a punishment). But anyway, as a treat to you dear reader, here is my account of my prize winning day.

Thought I would have a bit of a lie in and watch the Jeremy Kyle show (!) and relax for a bit as we didn’t have to get to Tesco until half eleven. Turned on my phone and I had a message from someone at the local paper saying someone from Bloomsbury had rang them and could we get there forty minutes early. Well that was it. Make up flying, hair straighteners quickly plugged in, general sense of panic etc. etc. 

My friend Karen came to pick me up and we were off and… more panic… as we were (typically) stuck behind a bloomin lorry going at about ten miles per hour so I was stressing like mad that I wouldn’t get there in time. Thankfully we did with ten minutes to spare and there was already a hundred or so women (mainly of a certain age….) queuing up in the aisles.

We asked at the information desk for the person we were meant to meet and he led us up the staff stairs into a room which resembled a doctor’s waiting room. On the wall was a list of the staff and next to it was a sign which you could change to indicate whether they were in or out. Ironically the first aider was ‘out’ which caused much laughter. He must have feared the worst after the reports in the paper of the hysteria so far in the tour and booked a day’s holiday. Wise man.

We were given chairs from a lovely lady from Tesco (loads of them were milling around doing nothing, and they all seemed to be women, funny that) and only the presence of a scary looking fella at a door indicated that Gary was inside. There were two other competition winners there from Century Radio there (and a Mum) and they said we had just missed Gary going in. I was quite relieved in a way as otherwise I would be panicking. My palms were already sweating but the Tesco staff were on hand with some nice, cold water. Bless them. One of the other competition winners was a fan from this time around as she was too young the first time, which I thought was fantastic and she was really excited. Bless.

We were sat waiting for a bit while the BBC and ITV did their interviews with him for the local news where he was no doubt asked the same three questions;

1) what was it like to fail as a solo artist

2) tell us about getting fat

3) do you and Robbie still hate each other

Change the record ffs!

I also had to do an interview with the local paper and totally embarrassed myself, not knowing what to say and ending up coming out with all kinds of nonsense which will make me out to be some kind of obsessive psycho stalker I suspect. Ah well, too late now  

Then the Century Radio winners were called in and nervously made their way in to the room.

Then it was our turn and I felt a bit ill! We got up and went into the room and there he was smiling away. I thought my legs were going to go as he was looking really lovely. He was fantastic asking how we were etc. and giving hugs (eek!) and signing all our stuff.

We chatted about the tour and how fantastic it was which was where I embarrassed myself by getting carried away and wittering on about going to loads of the concerts and taking things like plastic cups as souvenirs. He probably thought who is this wierdo?! 😉

She was shorter than I imagined, shorter than me, I am sure there have been a few white lies about height in the Take That yearbook! 

He was great to talk to and a funny guy, something which is often overlooked. He said his Mam went to loads of the concerts and I replied that she wouldn’t have to pay for them and he said “oh, yeah we still made her pay” 🙂 There was also a nice moment where a photographer was taking photos of us together for the local paper and he was saying “look like you are having a conversation” and we were joking “oh this is a bit staged” and “this fella must be new”. Well, I suppose you had to be there for that one 😉

After about ten minutes we had to go and saw the queue of people lining up downstairs, a couple of hundred. I said to my friend that I thought there would have been more then that but, nope… there they were right out the door and round the whole of the outside length of the shop. One old woman said “what’s going on in there with all those people outside? Has there been a fire?”

People queuing to get into a burning building? Have some sense woman!

The people at the front of the queue were the usual faces and they had been there from 5am, and were at the front yesterday at Leeds as well. They will be there on Friday as well I expect.

And the hilarious sight of people doing their weekly shop while a pop superstar was metres away… People having their photos taken with shopping trolleys in the background… And the signs ” Newcastle welcomes Gary Barlow”. Arf.

And who could forget the dense woman on the local news whose co-presenter after the signing report said “his parents Deidre and Ken must be very proud” Her “I am sure they are” Him “do you not get it?” Her- blank look. Oh dear.

And here it is, the report as it was in the local paper. There I was thinking I had been all cool and calm when in reality I had gone beetroot red. Nice.


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  1. Moira said,

    Now you know I asked Daniel when I met him? mind I didnt have no papers or tv channels watchin me- If he ever got mhy letter I sent him coz he never replied 😦 and I sent years ago. He said he didnt. Then asked him if he’d been to Donegal and tod him that I’d seen his sister sing there at our festival. Margo no where near as good as Danny Boy (hehe)

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