Travel Update

September 19, 2006 at 6:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Well what did you expect? Now now, I know you love it. I recently travelled from Newcastle to London on the train. It started nicely. I was relaxed, chilled… I had even come prepared with my home made butties so I did not have to pay extortionate buffet car prices. But then it all went downhill. Around an hour from London a businessman got on the carriage and as it was busy he came and sat next to me. Oh the joy. Now businessmen (or women for that matter) are one of my pet gripes. Why they cannot just sit down and enjoy the train ride…. Nope, it’s tap tap bloomin tap on their laptops and ringing random people to discuss nonsense that the rest of would rather not have to hear. I would stuff them all in their own carriage where they can make their monotonous phone calls in peace and the rest of us can try and get a bit of kip. And if that carriage was to somehow unfasten from the rest of the train en route then I don’t think there would be too many upset


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