It’s been some summer

September 19, 2006 at 7:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Normally the summer months are a bit boring. Yeah the hot weather is nice and all that but without the football it can get a little boring. Not this summer. Take That AND Robbie Williams touring in the same summer. They’re spoiling us.

Milton Keynes is obviously a shit hole and should be condemned at the earliest opportunity but you just have to go along anyway so we did. Having navigated roadworks, a petrol station out of petrol, the snide £20 “quick-getaway” car parks and the roundabout in Hemel Hempstead where the traffic goes round both ways (they’re funny lot down there) we were finally there and… we… nothing… for what seemed like hours. For whatever reason Orson didn’t turn up to which nobody was particulay arsed until a nameless DJ came on and played a few tunes. Before which we were enjoying exciting medeleys featuring the likes of Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and Neneh Cherry to this was definatley a step down as he played one predicable anthem after another. Occasionally I saw the middle of his index figure which suggested there was someone there, but he was such a short arse you could never be completley sure.

After he had gone on came Basement Jaxx to liven the crowd up and the ladies changed their costume after every song, my favousite being the Queen of Hearts get up one of them came on with. You might be alright in Milton keynes with that kind of gear love but try walking round your local town centre on the early hours of Saturday morning and see what reaction you get.

But eventually it was time for Robbie or what we could see of him. But that’s all standing gigs for you, I will bring a box next time.

Quote of the evening “£3.50 for a 99? That’s taking the piss but you do get two flakes”

Getting away was fun as well. Long queues of traffic for miles on end. Must be roadworks? An accident? No, a lass had parked her car up in the lane blocking all the traffic so she could be sick in full view of everyone at the side of the road. Lovely.


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