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August 8, 2006 at 8:01 pm (Uncategorized)


One of my interests is graffiti. It’s a genre very few understand and simply dismiss as vandalism. I’m not talking about tagging here as the mindless writing of your name on every wall going is completely pointless and gives the rest of them a bad name. I’m talking about the street artists, the ones who make an effort to brighten up dull walls and buildings with their work and give the place an injection of colour. Vandalism? Nah, it’s art. When you take into account the effort that goes into them especially on the trains where they have to work in poor conditions with little light and space always on the lookout whilst creating a masterpiece that could only have a short existence you have to admire it. It’s more fascinating than what you’ll find in any gallery.


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  1. Bryony said,

    Banksy is the best.

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