Mark Owens latest album ‘How the Mighty Fall’ and the word brilliant.

July 31, 2006 at 6:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Two things you would not expect to find in the same sentence? Commercial pap not worth listening to? Well wrong on both counts. I admit, I hadn’t listened to any of Mark’s solo stuff until recently when a friend introduced it to me but I was amazed. It is an incredible album that really merits a listen. Give it a chance, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

On the same theme of things not going down as well as they’d have hoped… apparently in a recent survey readers of The Sun gave a thumbs down to Robbie’s new single (frankly I would call Sun readers not liking it an endorsement). I finally got round to hearing it on Saturday and, yes, it is a little bizarre but give the guy some credit for trying to do something a little different. Aren’t we all bored of the same bland pap littering the charts? Does the nation not need an injection of old school rap madness? And after the dull and predicable pop-by-numbers that was ‘Sin Sin Sin’ we needed something like this. It works! [You can hear it for yourself on]


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