They’re at it again!

July 27, 2006 at 8:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Anyone reading this blog will think they have stumbled on the transport weekly website the amount of time buses are mentioned on these pages but I think there is not enough thought and respect shown for the poor inhabitants of the peasant wagons who have to share their journey time with the same moronic fools day after day.

My current object of intense hatred is this annoying lad who is always whining on about his car. For the benefit of the two people not to have heard his moans, his car has broken and he has to pay £1,500 to get it back and is getting a loan to be able to afford to pay it. Hence phone calls to the car company, the loan people and his mates (who are no doubt looking for the nearest sharp object to end their life with when the realise who is on the phone). Unfortunately, it appears that every person he speaks to must have some hearing impairment, hence the volume he makes the calls.

One day his ‘mate’ (who always tried pretending he hasn’t seen him before being collared) was (stupidly) asking for an update and I was ready to join in the conversation having being kept fully informed throughout the full process.

Then there is the bus staff itself, two of which make the whole bus groan when they see them. Firstly, Mr Check Pass. Whenever I see this bus driver I sigh. I really can’t think how he still has a job as he must not once have kept to the timetable. The reason being while other drivers take a cursory glance at passes when people get on this guy makes you stand there like a lemon for around a minute while he scrutinises every detail of your pass (after he has taken his glasses out his pocket and put them on of course just to add a bit of drama to the proceedings). Then when you think the majority of bus passengers have passes as we are commuters then you can imagine the time it all takes. You would think he owned the bus company the way he is so stringent about revenue protection.

The second of the most hated is the Survey Man. Oh this man is a bore. He regularly lurks at the front of the bus wearing a green fleece (whatever the weather) and whenever someone new gets on he walks toward them saying “where are you going” and “are you getting another bus after this one”. Of course, bus passengers are so used to not being spoken to that the Survey Man often has to repeat the question two or three times before they grasp what is being asked of them, much to the disgust of those like myself who are trying to catch up on their sleep. After gleaming this valuable information he registers it on his chart with a succession of loud bleeps. Though his six entries (and six loud bleeps) are needed from a simple “no, I am not getting another bus” makes me believe that he is not conducting the survey correctly. And if he does not turn the bleep volume down I shall be contacting the relevant authorities to report him as he is doing my head in.


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