Wishful thinking, air horns and small change.

July 26, 2006 at 5:21 pm (Uncategorized)

The time of year we all love is back… the start of the football season. Well the meaningless friendlies at least. And (the mighty) Whitley Bay FC have got right back in there with two games in two days.

Friday night saw an away trip to North Shields and once I had run the gauntlet of the local gangs of teenagers on their typical Friday night round the local shops it was quite a tidy little ground and you can hardly quibble with a £1.50 entry fee though it did cause a bit of a problem when I handed over a £20 note and they had to scrape the change together since there was only a handful of people there and the majority were the usual travelling Whitley fans all looking forward to seeing our new singings in action. Ahem. And… well, the less said about the game the better really. Poor…. Though the best bit about it was the glorious sunshine throughout. The worst… having to leave early to be sick. Nice. Though this was not alcohol related unlike the sickness in the Villa Park car park (Reader: “there seems to be a theme emerging here….”).

Though the most bizarre sight of the evening was seeing someone I had not seen at the match for at least five years. This lad (who was rarely seen without his Inter Milan shirt hence his highly imaginative nickname ‘The Inter Milan kid’) was often to be found lurking by the dugout at home games trying to get his programmes signed. This is certainly a novelty if you are a Whitley player as the most you can really hope for in the way of appreciation is to get a clap (yes, just the one) when you’re substituted. Then you know you have really made it [it’s a hard crowd]. Anyway, the guy was at the match with an air horn and, yes a football top and was taking photos [which reminds me I must ask for copies….] Apparently he is now a North Shields fan which amounts to treason in my book but I found the whole thing rather spooky since I was just mourning the loss of “army boy” on these very pages a week or so ago. Perhaps if I mourn the fact I have no money or that I have not been in close physical contact with Robbie Williams something might happen there as well.


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