Ms Whitley Bay’s at it again

July 21, 2006 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Do you remember the lovely woman I mentioned in my previous entry who was enjoying the Whitley Bay summer with a can of Skol on her front bench? Well she has been spotted on a number of occasions since. Always in the same position of course but now she has upgraded to Fosters (her Giro must have come through). I know her true identity now though you will be pleased to know… she is the Mother of one of the kids who goes to the Whitley Bay FC matches. His job to throw himself over the back fence and retrieve the ball when one of the Bay players makes a wayward clearance (which admittedly is quite often). Bizarrely, before he got this prestigious role it was carried out by a lad who was probably about 15 who had a tendency to wear an army uniform (!). Every week. I wonder what happened to him.

Though she could well have encountered some competition as it seems that the sunny weather has brought them all out.

Spotted taking a leisurely stroll across the sea front was a young Mum who had evidently fallen asleep at one of her tanning sessions. Dressed in a combo of a tiny orange towelling top and shorts she decided to team this delightful ensemble with a purple bra (back-less orange top and purple bra? Are you visualising this masterpiece yet?) and the most atrocious gold sandals which had cross-over straps high up above her ankles. At one point the baby in the pram attempted to escape and leap to their death over the cliff and I cannot blame them. They will be in Playboy jumpsuits and getting their belly button pierced before their first birthday.


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