Marketing Bullshit Part 3578389478

July 21, 2006 at 9:35 pm (Uncategorized)


The brand spanking new Coke Zero. You will have seen the adverts. Marketed as “wouldn’t it be great if things were all good without any down sides” impying that Coke Zero is this said miracle. Erm… what about all the chemicals it contains? One chemical of which is banned in France? Rather go with the full fat version with the sugar as at least you know what it does to you. The after effects of all the chemicals in the food and drink we consume are, as yet, not known.

But Coke aren’t interested in that.


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  1. Bryony said,

    Just for confirmation, someone at work tried this and proclaimed that it tastes like shit anyway, and nothing like full fat Coke. Perhaps that is why the chemical is banned in France – they now how food should taste, and it certainly isn’t like shit.

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