Today is a special day!

July 10, 2006 at 8:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Not only is is Jason Orange’s birthday, but it is also the 13th anniversary (is it that long? Bloody hell) of the day Take That got their jabs and came up to do a TV show in the Newcastle, the Saturday morning tv show, Gimme 5.

Amazing how much useless nonsense I remember from the day (they had loud speakers broadcasting the show outside for the benefit of the gathering hordes, which was nice);

* Dannii Minogue doing some cooking and going “ba na na naaa”. Random.

* Jenny Powell finally getting her claws into Jason (boo)

* The group of fans who had travelled up from Oldham with the most random banner of all time “Oldham Thatters, happy birthday Jason (your cake is in reception)”. Nice. Never found out what kind it was. Sponge? Chocolate? They could have been more specific.

* When one random TT fan decided it would be a good idea to climb up the outdoor fire escape and we all followed before a security guard appeared on the roof screaming “get down!!” he he.

Then at the end of the show (about half twelve I remember, why didn’t I remember my school work so easily?) Barlow led the lads on to the top of the roof carpark to wave at the rabble and everyone went mad; screaming and crying. It was a real sense of occasion and yet again, I met some wonderful people. Take That were alright as well. Sigh.


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