June 19, 2006 at 2:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Sunday 18th June

And the most surreal incident of the weekend has to be this…

Stood in the hotel lobby and the door opens. Out walks Kelly Osborne with two tiny white dogs. Someone asked her if they could take a photo of the dogs (?), she said “no” and walked off. ????? 

A close contender… Louis Walsh walks out of the building and a crowd of girls rush over (plus the scabby eBay stalker family and scary man from yesterday). It’s Louis Walsh?! Louis Walsh?! Weird. 

Third place. Scary eBay stalker man spots a coach arriving “whose coach is that” I reply “I can’t be sure, I think I left my crystal ball at home today”. He storms off. 


Back in the hotel lobby Marks pregnant girlfriend walks past with a Mars Bar and a Twix looking flustered. Perhaps the Lion Bars had sold out? 

So we spent a bit of time chilling in the hotel bar (Note the word ‘bit’ as it was £3.95 for a small bottle of Stella but they pour it for you and everything so you don’t break a fingernail. Jason, I am sure, particularly appreciated that special touch). Myself, a couple of Leeds girls and another from Spain who studies in Manchester made up the table, a cosmopolitan mix of jibbers and, by complete coincidence, managed to blag a table with superb views of all the exterior doors (and by another extraordinary coincidence, upon leaving the hotel found all manner of souvenirs such as napkins, flowers and menus had mysterious fallen into our bags. Well I never). Whilst we were sipping our cocktails (with one finger stuck out throughout, naturally) Howard strolled past pushing a pushchair and we remained cool, calm and collected throughout as we were seasoned mixers with stars by this stage (however, had Jason have walked past I suspect it may have been a different story). 

After a while we went back to the lobby and were promptly escorted out of the building by security. It seems it is fine to spend your money in the bar though of course. All the while the self appointed Take That Forum clique were sat in the corner of the lobby no doubt smugly waving their room keys (and depleted bank balance statements) and still looking as miserable as sin.  

Onto the stadium, some guerrilla tactics, some elbows and there were at the third row from the front. It was a very pleasing view on the eye especially during Relight My Fire (as those who’ve been will know what I mean). No, I am not talking about Lulu. 



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  1. NH1878 said,

    Barca, you stalker, you really do lead a sad life – whatever would they say in the Swan & Cem? :0)

    ps. Love the site – absolutely hilarous!

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